How to choose a kitten?

How to choose a kitten?

You have decided to have a kitten ...
You really made a decision to have a kitten?
To weigh the "pros" and "cons" to check out the article here.

Pedigree Litter I

Parents Grand Parents Great-Grand Parents Great-Great-Grand Parents
Int.Ch.Gorgan Astra Polaris*UA Eur.Ch.FIN*Blue-Viking Obelix Ch.FIN*Blue-Viking Hvid Konge Jeis Eur.Ch.S*Heaven Hills Big Bang
Int.Ch.DK*Europa`s Kaekke Snehvide
S*Poo Nai`s Darjeeling Eur.Ch.S*Rockringen`s Led Zeppelin
Int.Ch.S*Pax`Allis Blaah
Int.Ch.FIN*Blue-Viking Elegia Crystalfjord Thunder IC DK*Fabis Galanthus
EC S*Kahn`s Tortie Tiger Lady
Gr.Int.Ch.FIN*Blue-Viking Lilla Edet EC Afjord`s Cyrano
IC Milka Makaranta*PL
Int.Ch.Elen On Fashion Peak Ch.Beatrissa On Fashion Peak
Ch.Iriska On Fashion Peak Aborigen Ksenofont
Octarine Ultima Jackline
Int.Ch.Gorgan Astra Polaris*UA
Eur.Ch.FIN*Blue-Viking Obelix
Int.Ch.FIN*Blue-Viking Elegia
W.Ch.Dorian Makaranta*PL S`Seerath`s Cobol S*Nenya`s Melchior, JW
S*Seerath`s Mononoke Hime
NORI Makaranta*PL GIC S*Zygot`s Frisco
IP EC Ofka Makaranta*PL

Kittens for Sale!

Currently on sale in the cattery 12 kittens: 3 males and 9 females.

Kittens leave cattery after 3 months old, accustomed to the toilet, scratching posts, grafted with veterinary passport and documents about the origin.


6 months