How to choose a kitten?

How to choose a kitten?

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RESULTS OF THE YEAR! 03.01.2016 04:36

2015 once again pleased with the number of victories and achievements of our graduates and cats of our cattery!

Shows that we visited:

31 January - 01 February, Novosibirsk.
12-13 June, Novosibirsk.
11-12 July, Kirov.
23 August, Novosibirsk.

05-06 September, Ulyanovsk.
26-27 Septemer, Novosibirsk.
04 October, Surgut.
17-18 October, Novosibirsk.
17-18 October, Ulyanovsk.
17-18 October, Ufa.
31 October, Novosibirsk.
07-08 November, Novosibirsk.

We heartily congratulate our graduates:

- Bonya On Fashion Peak and her owner Oksana!
- Litter H ... On Fashion Peak and their owner Snezhana!
- Cousteau On Fashion Peak and his owner Andrey!
- Benjamin On Fashion Peak and his owner Elena!
- Hazel On Fashion Peak and her owner Tatiana!
- Jasper On Fashion Peak and his owner Marina!

Keep it up! We believe in you!

I would also like to note that this year in February in Novosibirsk, we had a Norwegian Forest Cat Show! There were 7 Norwegian Forest Cats! We are - only one cattery in Russia, which can hold a Show on their own! And once again, is already the third year in a row, our kennel was a sponsor!

Once again we were able to show the beauty, grace, elegance of this breed! And very pleased that the interest to Norwegian Forest Cats is becoming more and more!

In 2015 it was registered 2 new cattery of Norwegian forest cats, inaugurated by the graduates of our cattery:
Benjamin On Fashion Peak gave rise to the cattery "Skogcat Glamurr", Ufa.
Diva On Fashion Peak gave rise to the cattery "ZolStar", Novosibirsk.

With all my heart I would like to wish the owner of cattery Elena Tikhonova and Khakhaeva Snezhana success in your work with the breed and victories at the shows!

This year come to our cattery 3 new cats, for which we have high expectations!

Beauty Cleopatra Ejvind*BY and boys David Ejvind*BY and Basha Omahkatayo*PL.
At exhibitions they have shown excellent results!

2015 year was positive and full of joy! We hope that the next year will be even more stellar!

We thank everyone who believed in us and supported!

Kittens for Sale!

Currently on sale in the cattery 12 kittens: 3 males and 9 females.

Kittens leave cattery after 3 months old, accustomed to the toilet, scratching posts, grafted with veterinary passport and documents about the origin.


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