How to choose a kitten?

How to choose a kitten?

You have decided to have a kitten ...
You really made a decision to have a kitten?
To weigh the "pros" and "cons" to check out the article here.


WE HAVE KITTENS! 05.05.2018 16:48

Beautiful Elen On Fashion Peak became a mother!

30.04-01.05.2018, Exhibition "Sibiriada-2018" 02.05.2018 16:42

30.04-01.05.2018, Exhibition "Sibiriada-2018", Tequila On Fashion Peak became Champion!

WE HAVE KITTENS! 02.05.2018 16:37

Beauty Cleopatra became a mother of six babies!

21.04.2018, Exhibition "Star Of Khakassia" 26.04.2018 14:11

21.04.2018, Exhibition "Star Of Khakassia", Polly On Fashion Peak became a PREMIOR!

14.04.2018, Exhibition "Second wave" 20.04.2018 05:07

14.04.2018, Exhibition "Second wave", Cousteau on Fashion Peak - 1st place BEAUTY SHOW!

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Kittens for Sale!

Currently on sale in the cattery 15 kittens: 7 males and 8 females.

Kittens leave cattery after 3 months old, accustomed to the toilet, scratching posts, grafted with veterinary passport and documents about the origin.


6 months

6 months