How to choose a kitten?

How to choose a kitten?

You have decided to have a kitten ...
You really made a decision to have a kitten?
To weigh the "pros" and "cons" to check out the article here.

Gr.Int.Ch.Elen On Fashion Peak

Date of Birth: 10.12.2013

Father: W.Ch.Dorian Makaranta*PL

Mother: Ch.Beatrissa On Fashion Peak


PK def: N/N

Sex: female

Color: g 24 09

Breeder: Mikhnevich Kseniya, Ershova Olga

Show results:

Date City Judge Result
08.03.2014 Novosibirsk Orekhova L. EX1, nom BIS
09.03.2014 Novosibirsk Abramova O.L. EX1, nom BIS, Best Litter, Best Litter Forest Show
01.05.2014 Novosibirsk Korotonozhkina S. EX1, CAC P, nom BIS, 4 place WCF-ring Junior, Best Kitten Forest Show
02.05.2014 Novosibirsk Diter Meister EX1, CAC P, nom BIS, 2 place WCF-ring Junior, Best Of Best III Kitten
20.09.2014 Novosibirsk Rudov P. EX1, CAC J, nom BIS
21.09.2014 Novosibirsk Zhigulin S.V. EX1, CAC J, nom BIS
18.10.2014 Novosibirsk Tomas Balchiunas EX1, CAC
19.10.2014 Novosibirsk Gruzd O. EX1, CAC
02.11.2014 Novosibirsk Orekhova L. EX1, CAC
03.11.2014 Novosibirsk Flegontova N. EX1, CACIB
08.11.2014 Barnaul Itygina O.V. EX1, CACIB, nom BIS
09.11.2014 Barnaul Tokmakova I. EX1, CACIB
05.01.2016 Novosibirsk Itygina O.V. EX1, CAGCIB, nom BIS, Best Opposite Sex Adult Forest-Show
06.01.2016 Novosibirsk Gordeeva L. EX1, CAGCIB, nom BIS
29.10.2016 Barnaul Nitsenko R. EX1, CAGCIB, nom BIS
30.10.2016 Barnaul Rudov P. EX1, CACE, nom BIS

Kittens for Sale!

Currently on sale in the cattery 12 kittens: 3 males and 9 females.

Kittens leave cattery after 3 months old, accustomed to the toilet, scratching posts, grafted with veterinary passport and documents about the origin.


6 months